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There are a wide variety of services available on Intercites Day trains. Whether you like to take your bike with you on your journey or want your pet to join you on your travels, you'll find all the information you'll need below.


Unlike flying, there are no weight limits on the luggage you can take on board. Below is what you’ll need to know when packing for your journey:

  • Each passenger can bring 2 bags/suitcases on board Intercites Day trains, plus one piece of hand luggage
  • Spaces for larger pieces of luggage (e.g. bike bags, skis, collapsible push chairs and surf boards not exceeding more than 3m in length) can be found at the end of each carriage with extra space for luggage in the middle of the carriage
  • There are no limits on the weight of baggage
  • All luggage must be clearly labelled


You can take pets on Intercites Day services. Here’s what you’ll need to know before setting off:

  • Domestic animals in pet carriers and larger dogs (note that these must be muzzled and kept on a lead) require a ticket for travel on Intercites Day services
  • Small pets must be carried in a pet carrier (no larger than 45x30x25cm and no heavier than 6kg)
  • Each passenger can bring 2 dogs or 2 pet carriers (or one of each)
  • Guide dogs can travel without a ticket and a muzzle

To find out more, phone the call centre on 0844 84 58 48* (*Calls to this number cost 7p per minute plus your phone company's access charge)


Intercites Day services are well-equipped for disabled travellers and their companions. Below is what you can expect as standard:

  • Coaches 3 and 13 on all trains have been specially adapted with wide sliding doors and spaces for disabled passengers and their companions
  • Disabled toilets are located next to the wheelchair area
  • There are 2 seats with facilities for blind travellers in coaches 7 and 17


Intercites Day trains have special storage spaces for fully assembled bicycles. There are usually 6 of these in coaches 3 and 13. Expect to pay around £10.


Bicycle spaces must be reserved when you book your tickets.


Or you can take your bicycle in a bike bag (which must be no bigger than 120x90cm) free of charge.


Bicycle spaces need to be booked at the same time as you book your seat. To make your booking, phone the call centre as bike spaces can’t be booked online.


A trolley service stacked with tasty snacks and hot and cold drinks, rolls up and down all Intercites Day trains.


Travelling early? Why not order a breakfast tray at your seat? Alternatively, you can bring your own food and drink – or even a bottle of wine – onto the train if you prefer.