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There are a variety of services on board CityNightLine trains. Great news if you want to take your beloved pet with you on your travels or fancy travelling with your bike.


Check out all the information you'll need below.


Here’s what you’ll need to know when you pack for a trip on CityNightLine:

  • Hand luggage or reasonable-sized bags can stay in your couchette
  • Bulkier items like sports equipment will be stowed in the train’s luggage couchette
  • Boxes and musical instruments are among the items classed as oversize
  • There are no limits on the weight of baggage
  • All luggage must be labelled
  • 1 piece of luggage and 1 piece of hand luggage is permitted per person.


There are some clear rules that you’ll need to know when taking your pet on CityNightLine:

  • You can only take your pet on board if you have booked a private couchette.
  • Larger dogs are subject to a one-off fee of €30.00 payable on board.
  • Pets are not allowed in the bar & lounge car or the standard class seating carriage.
  • Guide dogs travel for free and are not subject to the above restrictions.


All CityNightLine trains apart from the service between Prague and Copenhagen have a couchette with wheelchair access and a disabled bathroom. But due to space restrictions in the carriages, wheelchairs cannot be used throughout the train.


Most CityNightLine trains have special spaces for fully assembled bicycles. Bicycle spaces must be reserved when you book your tickets. Expect to pay around €10 within Germany. There are no bike spaces on Paris-Hamburg, Copenhagen-Prague or Munich-Milan.


How do I book a bicycle space?
Phone our call centre for advice on how to book a bicycle space on CityNightLine trains. You’ll need to do this when you book your ticket.


A complimentary continental breakfast is available for deluxe and economy class passengers in Sleeper Compartments. It’s served in your compartment the morning you arrive at your destination.


Passengers travelling by couchette, or standard class seat, can buy breakfast in the bar and lounge car. An evening menu is also on offer here, featuring central-European style cuisine. Plus there are snacks on sale if you don’t fancy a full meal.


Alternatively, you can bring your own food and drink – and even a bottle of wine – onto the train if you prefer.