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A stylish on-board bar buffet car and plenty of space for your luggage are just a couple of the services you'll find on AVE trains.


Check out the information below for all you'll need to know about the wide range of services available.


The guidelines around what you can take are straightforward. Here’s what you’ll need to know:

  • Each passenger is allowed 2 large pieces of luggage and 1 piece of hand luggage.
  • The total weight of the 3 bags must be no more than 25kg and each piece of luggage must be no bigger than 290cm (width+height+length).
  • Luggage racks can be found at the end of each carriage.
  • You can take foldable pushchair on board.
  • Musical instruments can be taken on board provided they are in a bag/case no larger thatn 30x120x38cm.
  • 1 piece of special luggage, including golf clubs and ski equipment, can be taken on board per passenger, this will can towards your luggage allowance.


You can take pets on AVE trains. But bear in mind the following:

  • Pets need a ticket to travel
  • Smaller domestic animals must be kept in a container no larger than 60x35x35cm and no heavier than 10kg
  • Animals must be kept with their owner when on the train

To book a ticket for your pet please call our UK call centre.


AVE trains have facilities on board for disabled passengers including wheelchair and companion spaces and disabled toilets.


Wheelchairs with dimensions no larger than 70cm wide, 130cm front to back and 140cm tall can be used on board. Larger wheelchairs can be taken on board if they can be folded down and the passenger can transfer to a seat on the train.


Ramps are available to help passengers on and off the train, and dedicated staff are on hand throughout the journey to assist where necessary.


Passengers in need of assistance should arrive at the station 30 minutes before departure.


You can take your bike on board AVE trains provided it is in a bike bag. The bike bag must be no more than 180cm (width+height+length). The bike bag will count towards your luggage allowance.


Phone our call centre for advice on travelling with bikes. 


AVE trains have a stylish on-board bar buffet car, selling a choice of drinks and hot and cold meals.


Preferente class (first class) and Club class travellers can also look forward to a complimentary meal, snack or breakfast served at their seat (weekdays only and not on bank holidays or peak holiday times).


Alternatively, you can bring your own food and drink – or even a bottle of wine – onto the train if you prefer.