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Travel between London and Paris by train

How long does it take by train to go to Paris?

After your quick check-in in London St Pancras, you will travel approximatively 300 miles in just 2 hours and 15 minutes with 20 minutes of your journey in the Channel Tunnel.

What are the train stations?

The departure in London will be from St Pancras which is one of the major train stations in London. Then, you will arrive in Paris Gare du Nord which is one of the most important train stations in Paris.From St. Pancras, you will reach Gare du Nord station. You can then pick from any one of the various public transport lines: 5, RER D, RER E, 4 or RER B that will transport you anywhere in the city. You can also choose from either one of the bus lines 46, 56 and 39. The station at Gare du Nord is at the heart of Paris.

Find the cheapest fare

To have the best price for your Eurostar journey from London to Paris, you will have to book your train tickets 1 or 2 months in advance of the travel date. The average train ticket price is about £75 for a standard class but it depends when you book your train tickets. In fact, booking your train ticket far in advance is the best way to get the cheapest tickets. Keep your eyes on to check prices and promotions to get the cheapest price.

When is the first and the last train?

The first Eurostar train leaving St Pancras in London is at 05:43 and the last one at 19:25. There are about 16 trains per day from London to Paris.

Check in with Eurostar

Checking in to go to Paris from London is easy with Eurostar: you can print your tickets or download them on your mobile with our app. You will also need your passport or ID card.Don't forget to arrive about 30 minutes before departure or 45 minutes at busy times (during holidays or weekends).

What to visit in Paris?

Paris, the world capital of fashion and architecture, has so much to offer every type of visitor! The favourite three sites in Paris that everyone has got to see at least once in their lives are:
  • the Eiffel Tower
  • Notre Dame
  • the Louvre Museum
For connoisseurs of art, some of the most famous Impressionist masterpieces in the world can be viewed in the renovated Orsay Museum. You will fall under this city's spell day or night with a private boat trip on the Seine where you can view the city's monuments and inspiring architecture along the way. A chance to admire France's magnificent cities travelling by train!

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