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Book up to 9 months before departure!
OUIGO offers low cost trains on selected routes. Book your train tickets now and travel between CDG Airport Paris or Paris Marné la Vallée and Lyon, Southern France and other destinations. Book in advance to get early bird fares!

  • Adults from 10€(1) single
  • Children at fixed 5€(2) fares


Ticket Conditions 
  • Includes 1 hand luggage (max. 36x27x15cm)
  • Includes 1 suitcase (max. 55x35x25)
  • Non-refundable self-print tickets only
  • Guaranteed seat reservation
  • Changeable until 4 hours before departure (online/phone)
Receive OUIGO tickets Your self-print ticket will be sent 4 days before departure by email (or immediately if you book your ticket less than 4 days before departure). The tickets are attached as pdf. file, and must be printed before departure. Note: 5€ will be charged for each non-printed ticket.
Before your OUIGO travel Each of the travelers needs to be in posession of a valid printed ticket and identity card (including picture). Please remember to arrive at the departure platform no later than 30 minutes before departure. Both ticket- as luggage control will be performed by the OUIGO staff.
On board of OUIGO You travel together: please place your luggage on the indicated shelves, and make sure that the other travelers are not disturbed by your music. There are no dining cars in OUIGO trains, so remember to bring your own beverages. Leave your seat proper and clean!
In case of delay You will be informed by e-mail in case of delay or cancellation. Travelers with a delay of over 1 hour will receive a compensation consisting of OUIGO vouchers: delays between 1h and 1h59 equate to a fee of 25% of the ticket value, delays of more than 2 hours equate to a fee of 50% of the ticket value. These vouchers will be send by email.


Adult fare
10€ (1)
Child fare (0 - 11)
5€ (2)

Info Marne la Vallée

The train station Marne la Vallée is situated outside of Paris. Public transport provides you with an easy and fast connection to- and from the city centre:

  • Metro Line: RER A (red)
  • Metro stations in Paris: La Défense - Charles de Gaulle Etoile - Auber - Chatelet les Halles - Gare de Lyon - Nation
  • OUIGO departure station:  Marne la Vallée Chessy Parc Disneyland Paris
  • Transport ickets: windows & machines
  • Metro Travel time: about 35 min.
  • Metro Frequency: app. every 15 min.


1Check your options for excess baggage and bikes on board

1Laptop, phone, tablet: charge them whilst travelling

1Travelling with your pet? Explore your options!

1Children travel at fixed fares of 5€(2); pushchairs travel free of charge.

1Travelling in a wheelchair? Please read the following info.


Note! After-sales service in French
Online via the OUIGO contact form (10€(1) per passenger per trip)


By phone (20€(1) per passenger per trip) on +33 9 69 32 20 56 (cost of an international call + any additional charges from your phone company) from Monday to Sunday (including holidays) from 9:00 to 18:00.