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Specific seating requirements


If you would like specific seating next to window, aisle, with a table, on the upper or lower deck of the TGV train then please select this during your booking. The option will only be shown if it is available on your particular journey and selected train. Please be aware that its not possible to guarantee your preference and our booking engine will do its best to provide the seating type chosen by you. You will see you seat details before completing the booking in the ticket and journey details. 

We are not able to provide seat allocations on all European train currently due to the volume of different trains we offer and the number of different train configurations that exist across European trains. However, this is available on Eurostar and TGV trains and we are working on providing the seating preferences on all European trains soon.


If you have a specific seating requirement, for example if you wish to travel facing forwards, you would need to book with an advisor by telephone on 0844 848 5848*.


The different types of seating options

The type of seating option available depends on:

  • The type of train selected (the layout is different on the various train types)
  • The class of service (more comfort options in 1st class)

When booking online, seating preference can be selected for Eurostar and TGV journeys added to the basket. When booking a party together, seating will be allocated depending on:

  • The number of seats available on the train when booking is made
  • The number of passengers travelling

Please be aware that once the booking has been completed, it is not possible to amend the seating. If you do have specific seating requirements, you would need to book via our call centre (booking fee applies). Seat requests are subject to availability. Please note that we are not able to determine direction of travel, other than on Eurostar bookings.

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