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If the after-sales conditions of your ticket allow an exchange, you can do this in the following ways. We can only exchange tickets for an equivalent train at a different date or time on the same route.


Exchanging tickets before travel:

Call us on 0330 822 0333 and we'll make a new booking for you while you send us the original tickets for exchange.

If you made a Ticket on Departure booking, call us and we can exchange the ticket. We'll give you a new reference code to use when you collect it at the station.


Exchanging tickets during travel:

If you're in France, visit the nearest SNCF station to complete your exchange at the ticket office. You'll need to have all the tickets relating to your booking to do this and may have to print them if you have requested a ticket on departure.


If you're outside France, you may still be able to do this, but if the station staff can't process it you may need to buy a new ticket to travel. Send us both the original and new ticket by registered post to arrange a refund when you return from your trip.


All exchanges are subject to availability, and you may need to pay additional costs if there's any difference in price with the original booking.


Please note, an administration fee will apply for each booking you wish to amend.


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