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There are several reasons why you might not find the journey you're looking for:


1.   Your train is not on sale yet

Train ticket bookings open around 3 months in advance. The exact opening date varies depending on the time of year and the carrier concerned (TGV, iDTGV Eurostar...).


Check how far in advance you can book



2.    Engineering works are planned on your route

Your train or desired route can be closed for sale on one or more dates due to track works or other disturbances. In this case, reservations are not possible via our website, through the call centre.


Check for Service updates


3.    The chosen fare is currently unavailable, or the train is full

  • The fare is unavailable

Selected a return ticket subject to special conditions (such as a weekend rate or promotional fare)?

Please make sure that both outbound and return fares are both eligible.


Can't find the right fare for one for part of your journey?

Change your travel date, or book the round trip in two separate bookings if possible.

  • The train is full

Fully booked trains are not shown in the search results.


Please try again, changing your search details (date, time...).



4.    Tickets for some journeys can not yet be bought on this website


  • Your journey contains more than two changes.

Please search again breaking your journey down into smaller sections. Alternatively, you can make a booking via our call centre.

  • Tickets for international trips with a pet are not available on

To find out more about whether your pet can travel on your chosen train, please visit our dedicated information page.


For further guidance as to why you cannot find your train, contact us.

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