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Your route to figueres

Figueres: Deliciously Dali

Figueres is best known as the home of the Salvador Dali’s Museum. But it’s not all about Dali: discover the charming old town or head to the coast of the Costa Brava.



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Head to the coast

If all the Surrealism of the Dali Museum has whetted your appetite for more, then head for the charming coastal town of Cadaques. Here you’ll find Portlligat, the house where Dali lived and worked until 1982, and it’s well worth a visit. The artist once described Cadaques as “perfect and dreamy”, and it remains a wonderful place to while away a weekend.

Toy Museum of Catalonia

Take a trip down memory lane and amble around the Toy Museum of Catalonia. This was once a hotel, but is now home to some 4,000 reminders of childhood fads and obsessions throughout the ages. Amid the piles of Meccano, toy soldiers and antique teddy bears you’ll find toys that used to belong to playwright Federico Garcia Lorca, artist Joan Miro, and yes, you’ve guessed it, Salvador Dali.


Take a tour of the town

Figueres old streets are perfect for ambling about on, the best place to start is the Rambla - the town's main street (If you are after some shade the benches beneath the trees that line the Rambla are ideal). At the bottom of the Rambla is a strangely intriguing tribute to Dali; look down at the floor and you'll see the artist's face stretched and contorted, now look in the convex mirror next to it...

The Placa de les Patates (Square of Potatoes) used to be a farmer's market right up until the 1950s, nowadays it's a pretty quiet square with facades of 17th-century buildings. The cafes and bars that line the square make it a lively place to be at night.