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Lively Lisbon

Portugal's capital is great for a short break. Drink in the atmosphere in its historical neighbourhoods, have fun with the sea life and then relax on the beach.



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St George's castle

St George's Castle towers majestically over the city and the Tagus River. Once inside, head to the Tower of Ulysees and join the queue for the periscope for unbelievable views of the city. As you walk around the castle don't miss the Moniz Gate - you'll find it within the walled area of the citadel - where the locally-famous Martim Moniz died saving local Christians.

Tip: The castle is at the top of a very, very steep hill so make sure you have your walking shoes on!


Take the funicular up and then wander down through Alfama's steep, cobblestoned streets. It's one of Lisbon's more traditional districts and remnants of the Visigothic town wall still remain. Stop off in one of the many backstreet cafes as you go - try the egg tarts...delicious!

Tip: Visit Alfama really early in the morning to witness the traditional scene of women selling fresh fish from their doorsteps.

Jardim da Estrela

Lisbon is a busy and compact city so for some respite from the crowds, take some time out at the Jardim da Estrela. Stroll along the winding pathway, checking out all the cool vegetation as you go, and make your way to the cast iron bandstand in the middle of the park. Music concerts and events still take place on the bandstand. Visit on a Sunday and you may just catch one.