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You'll arrive here if travelling from the UK on Eurostar. 


You'll arrive here if travelling from the UK, via Brussels. This is the main station in Rotterdam.


Your route to rotterdam

Wonderfully-modern Rotterdam

Experience a city bursting with energy and modern architecture. The Erasmus Bridge, Cube Houses and windmills will have you snapping away.



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Cube Houses

The Cube Houses of Rotterdam are famous the world over thanks to their striking design. Dutch architect Piet Blom designed the houses to represent a forest - there are 38 in all.

You can take a closer look at the Kijkkubus (Show Cube) and get a feel of what it's like to live in a tilted cube on a pole. Watch your head if you're on the tall side!

Erasmus Bridge

Rotterdam's main landmark is the Erasmus Bridge - a beautifully modern suspension bridge that links the northern and southern bank of the River Maas. It's the longest suspension bridge in the world so it's pretty famous! The asymmetrical pylon reaches a height of 139 metres...get your camera out.

For a closer look at the bridge take a ride in one of the many boat tours on offer.



Visit the highest observation tower in the Netherlands, at 100m high it provides an unbelievable panoramic view of Rotterdam. If you're not afraid of heights take the Euroscope - a rotating lift - another 85m to the very top of the tower.

For the adrenalin junkies out there you can abseil down part of the tower on weekends - do you dare?!

Tip: Before you leave check out the shop and pick up some souvenirs.