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Luxurious Luxembourg

This tiny country really packs a punch - visit the Moselle region for fine wine, hike along the Mullerthal Trail or take in some modern art. Luxembourg is a beautiful country not to be missed.



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Casemates Bock

A fascinating network of underground fortifications - 23km in fact! Dating back to the 17th century, the Casemates housed everything from kitchens and bakeries to slaughterhouses, and during the 2 great wars around 35,000 locals sheltered here. Enter the Casemates at the Bock Cliff and discover for yourself what makes these subterranean tunnels Luxembourg's top attraction.

Cathedral Notre Dame

Housing the royal family vault and the sarcophagus of the Count of Luxembourg, John I of Bohemia, the Cathedral Notre Dame is a must see. Although the cathedral is a predominantly Gothic structure, if you head to the northern doorway you'll see several Renaissance and Baroque carvings.

Tip: Try and avoid the cathedral on the 5th Sunday after Easter or you'll be accompanied by thousands of pilgrims praying for the Holy Virgin to take them into her protection.

Chateau de Bourscheid

Sitting majestically overlooking the Sure River is the 1,000-year-old Chateau de Bourscheid, surrounded by a circular wall with 8 watch towers. This fairytale castle was abandoned at the beginning of the 19th century and quickly fell into ruin. Luxembourg declared the ruins a national monument in 1936 and renovation has since begun. The ruins make for an interesting couple of hours; don't forget to clamber up the 12th-century keep for the classic turret-views of the surrounding area.