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Magical Florence

Beautiful Florence is brimming with culture. This elegant city is full of Renaissance treasures, glorious galleries and beautiful gardens waiting to be explored.



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The iconic Duomo

Taking prime position in the city’s skyline is the beautiful Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, also known as the Duomo – you can’t miss it! It’s the world’s third biggest cathedral after St Peters in Rome and St Pauls in London. For a small fee you can go up inside the spectacular 37,000 ton dome and see it in all its glory! It’s well worth the fee - and the 400-odd steps to the top. 

Ponte Vecchio

Take in the atmosphere along The Ponte Vecchio, the oldest bridge in the city which spans the River Arno. The bridge, once occupied by the town butchers, now twinkles with the wares of jewellers whose trade has been passed down through generations. Legend has it that if you and your loved one attach a padlock to the bridge and throw away the key, your love will last forever. Today, however, it is not allowed and you’ll face a hefty fine.

Giardino di Boboli

Admire one of Florence’s largest, most beautiful parks. With history spanning 4 centuries, this open-air museum invites you to discover the antique and Renaissance statues and fountains as you wander through the gardens. What better place to be on a nice day in Florence; surrounded by the Tuscan Renaissance landscape and with views overlooking the city, away from all the crowds.