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You'll arrive here if travelling from the UK on Eurostar.


You'll arrive here if travelling from the UK, via Paris. This is the main station in Berlin.


Your route to berlin

Berlin, one of the world's great capitals

The German capital is packed with history and a sightseers dream. Visit the defining Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag or the war memorial. For a bit of fun, hit the Tierpark, the kids will love it.

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Museum Island

The Museum Island, located in the northern tip of the Spree, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site made up of five prestigious museums. One not to miss is the popular Pergamon Museum with its extensive collection of treasures including sculptures, reconstructions of archaeological buildings and antiques.


For a fun day out visit Tierpark, Berlin's zoo - the kids will love it. The zoo is home to around 7800 animals, with nearly 900 different  species - making it the largest zoo in Europe. With animals as small as the hummingbird to as big as an elephant, the zoo offers an informative and fun visit for all. The elephant nursery will have you wanting to take one home - sadly, you won't be allowed. Oryx antelopes and sika stags (extinct in the wild) are also on show at the zoo.


Not one for the kids, Saschenhausen offers a harrowing insight into life in a concentration camp. Book yourself on a walking tour of the camp and you'll learn about its history. Of the 200,000 people interned here over 50,000 lost their lives before Soviet forces liberated the camp in 1945.

The tour will guide you through the Appellplatz parade ground, the Jewish Barrack, the punishment cells, the execution grounds and the crematorium.

The on-site museum houses exhibits on the origins of the camp and the memorial.