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You'll arrive here if travelling from the UK on Eurostar.


You'll arrive here if travelling from the UK, via Paris. This is the main station in Bordeaux.


Your route to bordeaux

Bordeaux, paradise for wine lovers

Full of historic charm and renowned for its wines, the city of Bordeaux has so much to offer. Visit the incredible La Cité du Vin, take a relaxed stroll around Quartier des Chartrons or be impressed by the beautiful Cathédrale St-André.

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Cathédrale St-André

Completed in the 15th century, this grand Gothic cathedral is listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site. The oldest part of the cathedral stretches back as far as 1096 - head to the north portal for some brilliant carvings in the masonry.

A trip to the top is well worth while as it is from here that you will be treated to breathtaking views of the city. 

Place de la Bourse

This beautiful square is the perfect place to visit to get a taste of late 18th-century Bordeaux architecture. The impressive Fountain of the Three Graces provides the square's centrepiece.  From here you can enjoy spectacular views over the River Garonne.

Across the street from the fountain you can find Miroir des Quais. This huge water mirror covers a massive 3450 square metres and, in the summer, provides a welcome cooling off point for the kids.

Head inside the south pavillion of the Chamber of Commerce for a quick look around the Musée des Douanes. The museum houses displays on the history of Bordeaux as a port town, model ships and navigational instruments.

Musée d'Art Contemporain (CAPC)

Housed in a grand 18th-century warehouse, the unique and atmospheric setting of Bordeaux’s museum of contemporary art is something quite spectacular. Home to a collection of works dating from the 1960s onwards, the museum is well worth a visit and is a great way to spend a leisurely afternoon.  The museum houses temporary exhibitions alongside their permanent ones - don't leave without seeing Boltanski's work.

Tip: There is also a rooftop terrace restaurant which is great for a spot of lunch or just a coffee break during your visit.