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You'll arrive here if traveling from the UK on Eurostar.

If you travel to Avignon by direct Eurostar or high speed TGV, you arrive at Avignon TGV Station.



Avignon an ancient kingdom

Discover the ancient kingdom of France - once the seat of popes and capital of the medieval world. The 'Lavender City' combines tradition and relaxation to satisfy all your senses.



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Ile de la Barthelasse

After your visit to the Saint-Bénezet bridge, climb aboard a riverboat (free) to the Ile de la Barthelasse. Facing the Papal City, this grassy area offers fine walks along the River Rhône. Discover the island by bike with the family on an attractive 14km circuit, which takes you past fruit trees and sunflower fields. After your ride, have lunch beneath ancient plane trees at the Auberge de la Treille, where you can enjoy regional dishes including local lamb and fennel pie.

Notre Dame des Doms

The Roman cathedral dates back to the 12th century but its most spectacular addition – the statue of the Virgin Mary – dates back to only the 19th century. The cathedral is located right next to the Palais des Papes, so you can’t miss it. It’s pretty small inside but its most notable feature is the tomb of Pope John XXII.

Walk along the promenade

After crossing the Place de l’Horloge, famous for its lively atmosphere, head for the Rue des Teinturiers. This picturesque street is home to remarkable architecture including the Maison du IV de Chiffre, the city's last remaining Gothic residence, the Chapel of the Pénitents-Gris and the bell tower of the Cordeliers Convent. Go up the Rue de la Masse and the Rue du Roi René to visit the Angladon Museum, a fine townhouse where examples of 19th and 20th-century painting can be found.