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Unforgettable Lille

You'll never forget the northern French city of Lille. Take in the brilliant Flemish paintings in the city's many museums or simply hang out in the beautiful Grand Place.



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You cannot go to Lille without visting the Rue du Palais Rihour. Its huge Café Leffe (the street's largest café, said to be the "best business in Lille") forms the corner of the square on the side of the pedestrianised streets.

Scarcely 100 metres away you'll find 15 or so popular café-restaurants whose terraces are always packed on sunny days, set around Lille's legendary Café du Foy, Le Flore, Brasserie de la Paix and uber-famous Chicorée, open day and night. Bon appetit!


Head to Wazemmes for an authentic experience of Lille. The family-friendly neighbourhood is just 1.7km southwest of Place du General de Gaulle and offers a real mix of cultures. The main area of interest is the Marche de Wazemmes - a really popular food market. Check it out on a Sunday morning and you'll enjoy a real carnival scene.

Tip: Don't leave without tasting a true Tunisian pastry.

Rue Gambetta

Stand opposite the Préfecture, look left and you will see the start of Lille's most traditional shopping street. You'll find very few retail chains in the Rue Gambetta where small family-run businesses seem preferred. 

You can also find a wide range of services on offer from some 200 boutiques lining this street, linking the Préfecture quarter to the Wazemmes quarter. It's lively, animated and teeming with people.