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Bustling Brussels

A compact city, but Brussels sure knows how to cram it all in. Historic buildings, modern arts, antiques, chocolates, beer…



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Visit the Grand Place

A stay in Brussels is incomplete without a visit to the Grand Place. You’ll find the beautiful Hotel de Ville (Town Hall), and a number of museums, pavement cafes and chocolate shops to dive in and out of. Be sure to go back at night and see it transform as the glorious buildings light up against the night sky.

Royal Palace and Park

Take an afternoon out to enjoy the Royal Palace and the Parc de Bruxelles. This magnificent Royal Palace, which opens over the summer months, sits just outside the gates of Brussels’s main public park. See the fantastic State Rooms and don’t miss the Mirror Room, with its ceiling and chandelier covered with the wings of 1.4 million Thai jewel beetles. Wow. Take some time out in the park and discover the classical statues dotted around.

Place du Grand-Sablon

Enjoy the hustle and bustle of the Place du Grand-Sablon. It’s the place to go for antiques, with a weekly market each Sunday, and for all things chocolate! This pretty square is where you’ll find most of the big chocolatiers have their shops. How long before you’re tempted in…