In this section you can:
  • Review your bookings
    (check train departure & arrival times, train number, passenger details, after sale conditions).
  • Cancel your ticket
    (subject to after sales conditions).
Please check your details:
You’ll find your PNR reference (usually six letters) and booking number (usually 8 numbers) on the confirmation email This should be the same email you used to make your booking

Manage Bookings: help

How do I view my booking details online ? >
Can I cancel my tickets online ? >
Can I exchange my tickets on the website ? >
Where can I view the after sales conditions on my tickets ? >
Can I cancel my pass on the website ? >
If you have a customer account at Voyages-sncf UK, please log in to your customer account.
If you don’t have a customer account, you can still review your bookings by entering the required info in the textboxes above (PNR or Booking number and the email used for creating the booking)
You can only cancel tickets here that have been booked on this website. Tickets that were booked by calling us or using the mobile site or the app can only be cancelled by contacting us.

If your tickets are print at home or collect at train station (and haven’t been collected yet), you can cancel your tickets online and receive the refund to your bank account.

If your tickets were sent by post or are collect at train station type (and you have collected them already), you can cancel your tickets online but you will have to post them to us to receive the refund. More details are provided during the cancellation process.

Please note that credit card and postage fees charged at the time of booking and cancellation are non-refundable.
At present exchanges are not possible on the website.

If the after-sales conditions of your ticket allow an exchange, you can do this by calling us on 0330 822 0333 and we'll make a new booking for you while you send us the original tickets for exchange.

More info on exchanges.
You can find the fare conditions on your confirmation email (sent to you at the time of booking). Alternatively, once you have entered the required information in the form above, please select the journey you want to view. Once you view the journey, the after sales conditions for each travelling passenger will be displayed next to the passenger name.
Interrail passes and certain other products cannot be refunded online. Please Contact us for assistance.
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