Looking for a fun, flexible and value for money way to travel Europe? Then an Interrail Global Pass is for you! Travel in up to 29 different European countries on one pass and go where the mood takes you. And for 2015, kids go free!





1st classStd class1st classStd class1st classStd class1st classStd class
5 days within 10 days (flexi)£316£202£0£0£253£147£284£182
10 days within 22 days (flexi)£449£286£0£0£360£215£404£259
15 days continuous£497£317£0£0£397£249£448£285
22 days continuous£581£370£0£0£465£275£523£334
1 month continuous£751£478£0£0£601£352£677£431



Go where the mood takes you. Interrail Global Passes are fantastic value for money as they allow you to travel in up to 29 European countries on just 1 pass. The Global Pass gives you the freedom to travel where you want, when you want.


You can book your Global Pass either as a Flexi or a Continuous pass.


Flexi passes allow a specified number of travel days within a fixed period of time, for example 5 travel days in a 10 day period, or 10 travel days in a 22-day period.


Treat yourself to extra on-board comforts with a First Class pass.


Youth passes are only available in Standard Class. If you’re aged under 26 and would like to travel in first class, you can buy a First Class adult pass.


CHILDREN TRAVEL FOR FREE. During 2015, children under 11 years old can have an Interrail pass for £0. (A pass will still need to be booked for each child, but the price will be £0.) A maximum of 2 children can travel for free per adult. Please note: all passengers, including children travelling on free Interrail Passes, will still have to pay for seat/sleeping berth and passholder fares, where applicable.


You cannot use the Interrail Global Pass to travel within your country of residence.


You must have been a resident in a participating European country for 6 months to travel on an Interrail pass.


Book your Interrail Global Pass with us and where possible you can also book your seat reservation at the same time. Voyages-sncf is the only UK company to provide this service.


Tip: If you travel on high speed or overnight services, you will need to purchase a seat reservation prior to travel. You can book these by clicking the Rail Passes tab on the booking form and then checking the Seat Reservations box.



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