Marvellous Marseille

Marseille is one of France’s oldest cities and offers a rich blend of culture and tradition. It’s no surprise it’s been awarded European Capital of Culture for 2013.



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What to see

Discover Marseille

The oldest French city, founded by the Greeks some 2600 years ago, is now the capital of southern Europe. Take some time to discover the contrasts of Marseille. Head from the Old Port to the 'Bonne-Mère' that watches over the city. Make your way along the coast and stumble upon secret coves and sandy beaches. The old district of Le Panier, where washing is still hung out to dry from windows, is well worth exploring to get a real feel for historic Marseille.

Visit the Old Port

The Old Port is one of the liveliest districts of Marseille. Brace yourself for the hustle and bustle of the fish market before heading to the Canebière, Marseille's large avenue. Visit the extravagant Fashion Museum or go back in time at the History Museum. Marvel at the ‘glass prison’ which guards the wreck of a trading ship weighing over 20 tonnes. Finally, discover the secrets of traditional soap manufacture - and inhale the aromas of lilies and violets - at the La Licorne workshop.

Chateau d'If

Catch a boat from the Old Harbour  out to Chateau d'If. The former fortress and prison makes for an interesting day trip. The Count of Monte Cristo was once imprisoned here for more than 12 years. Yes, it was only in a novel but it's made the chateau famous and more than 90,000 tourists flock here every year.

Tip: Be sure to take a drink - there are no cafes on the island.